Smokey The Pug Wants You


This video will be a call to action for all influencers, Firemen and women, Firehouses, Schools, professional videographers, amateur videographers, Social media stylist and artist of all creeds. California has led the world before in environmental and social activism and with your help it will do it again. Together we can not only change the world but save it. In this effort every you will reach out to your audience be it global, local or just your small group of friends to stop accidental fires from happening in California and to educate everyone of what to do in they do. This effort will save lives, save homes, save wildlife and save California. If this effort is successful it can be applied other risks facing our plant at this time including climate change, pollution of our forests and the extinction of species. So, this is why we say: Don’t just change the world. Save it.

How to Get involved:

At the moment this site is being constructed by UnCommonCore Media in a bid to be El Dorado counties Information Officer.

Videos herein are uploaded by using the WordPress Media Uploader

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